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Complete selection of games, competitive pricing, friendly service makes PSe grow into one of the biggest gameshop in Indonesia. They do multichannel distribution such as wholesale, retail store, and e-commerce. And they don't want to stop there, they approach DPanell to create a mobile commerce application with centralize inventory system on their current backend. With mobile application, they can serve their customer better and faster.

  • Web UI/UX Design
  • Web Application Development
  • Android Mobile Application
  • iOS Mobile Application


DPanell design and develop Android and iOS mobile application for PSe. DPanell also create additional CMS for PSe which they can manage Android and iOS application. With centralize backend, now PSe can manage their inventory better on their ecommerce and mobile application. No downtime occured on ecommerce during implementation of Mobile Application.

twu refinery web design
twu refinery web development
twu refinery web app development


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